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What casters are best for hardwood floors?

A question we get often by many customers who are worried about their floors is - "We have hardwood floors, and want to "double confirm" that these casters wont scratch or scuff clean floors".  

Most chairs with wheels sold on the market come with nylon casters when they are brand new. If you own a chromcraft or douglas product is most likely has nylon casters. Nylon casters can be used on any flooring type but you would need to contact your flooring company to see how the floor deals with nylon. In general - as long as your floors are kept clean and grime does not get on the casters your floors should be ok.  

There are softer casters that are made of polyurethane that are safer for hardwood floors but those only come in black. If you can not use black wheels then unfortunately nylon casters will be in most cases your only option.